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5G Field Testing

5G Speed Testing within Brisbane CBD and Fortitude Valley in Queensland in 2022  
User Equipment : Google Pixel 6 Pro

Service Provider : Telstra 5G Network
5G Download Speed Test 1.jpg
5G Download Speed Test 2.jpg
5G Download Speed Test 3.jpg
5G Network Availability.jpg
5G Radio Waves.PNG
5G Cell Tower.jpg
5G Cell Locations Brisbane.jpg
Test Results
Top Download Speed - 1.99 Gbps 

Avg Download Speed - 300 - 500 Mbps

Avg Upload Speed - 40 - 130 Mbps

Avg Latency =10 - 21 ms

Network Availability = 100%
5G Field Testing was successfully completed during peak hours during weekdays and weekends using OpenSignal Software.
X4000 5GmmWave 2022.jpg

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