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Neutral Host Networks (NHN)

In a neutral host architecture, a shared wireless infrastructure is created which is used to provide services to end-users with subscriptions to several different hosted operators. Neutral host scenarios are particularly attractive in dense small cell deployments (as may be required for 5G mmWave service) which may require capital intensive buildouts and cumbersome backhaul and cell site infrastructure requirements.

For example:
• Intercell distances for these deployments are in the order of 100’s of feet. It may be impractically expensive for all mobile operators serving a specific area to fully deploy a dense small cell network in the same location or venue.

• In outdoor small cell deployments, local regulations may constrain how much infrastructure can be deployed. For example, there may only be physical space available for one antenna assembly at optimal small cell locations even though there may be many different operators interested in deploying in that location.

• Many indoor locations and venues are managed by a separate enterprise which may want to deploy their own small cell network and may find it burdensome to work with and integrate access capabilities for the multiplicity of  mobile/wireless operators that are serving the general area.

A neutral host deployment can provide cost effective coverage and capacity for wireless environments such as dense metropolitan areas, enterprises, campuses, entertainment venues, shopping malls, in-building, rural and remote locations.

X4000 OpenRAN Neutral Host Cloud Native Reference Architecture v1.0.PNG

We provide professional services, high level and detailed design specifications for Neutral Host Networks (NHN) based on Open RAN technology.  

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