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5G Spectrum Service

What is spectrum?

Spectrum is radio waves that are used to transmit data.  Radio waves are measured by wavelength and frequency with most communication networks operating between 300MHz and 100 GHz frequency.

Why is licensed spectrum needed for private networks?

Licensed spectrum is used for private networks because there is a licensing fee which gives the user the exclusive right to transmit data on their assigned frequency without interference.

What are the benefits of licensed versus unlicensed spectrum?

For private cellular networks, regulators have made mid-band spectrum in the 3.4-4.2 GHz range and high-band 24.25-27.5 GHz range available.  This makes it the optimal frequency to operate large networks as it gives excellent square miles/kilometers of coverage and propagation.

X4000 5G Fast Air Spectrum-as-a-Service with coverage across Australia and United Kingdom for capital, regional, rural and remote areas with multiple channels available.

We provide 5G spectrum and radio services for low-band/mid-band/high-band.

  • Spectrum Consultancy and Spectrum Assessment.
  • X4000 5G Fast Air Spectrum lease for Licensed Spectrum.
  • New Application for Licensed Spectrum in the region.
  • Radio Registration Services

Mobile radio communication requires licensed or unlicensed spectrum for private networks. This requires expert radio spectrum consultation to ensure the business technical requirements meets the specific government regulations based on the wireless radio standards, governance, framework, spectrum allocation and the radiocommunication acts for the region.

X4000 5G radio spectrum license with coverage across Australia which is available for lease to enable 5G public or private networks. We utilise our skilled resources and accredited members to consult based on the specific business requirements and region to provide spectrum services in Australia and United Kingdom.

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