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X4000 5G Innovation Lab

5G technology demonstrating 5G capabilties and 5G use cases for vendors and customers in a secure controlled environment showcasing the worlds most leading edge wireless technology in late Q4 2023.

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Registration for a Company to Participate in the X4000 5G Innovation Lab

We are open for company participants to submit an application to join the X4000 5G Innovation Lab.


Round 1 Application submission closing date is 28th February 2023.

Step 1 : Download, review, provide requested information, sign and submit application.

Step 2 : X4000 team will be in contact for further discussions.

Step 3:  X4000 5G Innovation Lab agreement to participate and next steps. 

X4000 5G Innovation Lab Application form - download pdf.

Contact us at for any application enquires. 

5G Core

We are currently in collaboration with international and national partners, vendors, suppliers, groups, and customers to participate in the 5G innovation lab to demonstrate 5G capabilities and customer use cases. 

This will be a joint participation with X4000 leading the 5G lab. We are open to any discussion or suggestions from the industry and communities. 

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