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5G Joint-All-Domain Command & Control (JADC2)

5G JADC2 refers to the integration of 5G technology into the Joint All-Domain Command and Control framework, which aims to enhance interoperability and connectivity across all military domains (land, air, sea, space, and cyberspace).

The implementation of 5G in the context of JADC2 is geared towards enhancing military communication, data sharing, and decision-making capabilities. By leveraging the high-speed, low-latency, and massive device connectivity features of 5G technology, the military aims to achieve real-time and secure information exchange, situational awareness, and command and control across diverse operational environments.

5G JADC2 is envisioned to enable advanced applications such as augmented reality, virtual simulations, unmanned systems, autonomous vehicles, and enhanced sensor networks, all of which can contribute to more effective and coordinated military operations.

In essence, 5G JADC2 represents the fusion of 5G cellular technology and the military's Joint All-Domain Command and Control framework to facilitate seamless and resilient communication, data sharing, and decision-making capabilities across all operational domains.

Source : JADC2 Strategy

JADC2 provides an approach for developing the warfighting capability to sense, make sense, and act at all levels and phases of war, across all domains, and with partners, to deliver information advantage at the speed of relevance.

The Joint Force Commander relies upon guidance, technologies, procedures, and capabilities that are the result of many years of capability development and implementation in order to employ effective C2 in performing real-world mission tasks.

JADC2 seeks to optimize the availability and use of information to ensure that the commander’s information and decision cycle operates faster relative to adversary abilities. This holistic view identifies the Joint Force Commander as the primary beneficiary of Service and Agency C2 capability development efforts, and focuses Departmental C2 capability development outputs on delivering joint, all-domain operational C2 performance and proficiency.


To achieve this end, JADC2 will overlay the existing framework of Service- and Agency-based C2 capability development programs that currently deliver domain-centric and often duplicative information and decision management capabilities to the Joint Force. This ‘overlay’ methodology is a collaborative approach wherein all C2 capability development stakeholders support JADC2 as the unifying approach for optimising developmental resources and priorities and maximizing the operational outcomes.

5G Technology

JADC2, 5G and edge computing will provide extreme advantages in the development and employment of future defence technologies. 5G and edge computing will advance surveillance and situ-ational awareness technologies. UAVs or drones can livestream photos and videos and use AI to create digital 3D maps in near real-time, enhancing situ-ational awareness and allowing leaders to make more informed decisions. Commanders can use platforms that gather data from IoT sensors in the field and use AI to process the data into actionable insights to in-form decision making. All of which can be meshed with network enabled weapons to bring effects on the battlefield nearly immediately.

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