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Media Release 2023

Public Media Release
18th October 2023 - X4000 Communications is now a Cisco Select Advisor worldwide.
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*Media Release - website downloadable PDF 

X4000 Communications announced a new partnership with Cisco Systems within the Cisco Partner Program as a ‘Select Advisory Partner’ focused on 5G public and private mobile networks recognised as a leading independent 5G digital service provider for Industry 4.0 in Australia.  


X4000 has developed the X4000 Private 5G Cisco solution bundle offering to become the 'partner-of choice' for national system integrators and enterprise customers to provide value add and advisory consultancy services for Cisco 5G wireless solutions which also includes the X4000 5G Fast Air Spectrum-as-a-Service.


Additional Information on X4000 Communications - 

X4000 is the first digital service provider in Australia to offer private 5G mobile networks with secure dedicated spectrum based on Open RAN technology. X4000 has developed a mature 5G ecosystem with over 70+ global vendors and partners in demonstrating leadership in 5G technology. 


The X4000 Private 5G solution includes all the network components such as 5G Core, 5G RAN, 5G spectrum and 5G devices including cloud and/or edge service-based architecture to support critical communication for video, voice and data enabling high-speed connectivity, ultra-reliable low latency and massive machine-type communication for future networks.


5G and 5G Advanced technology offers gigabit speeds up to 10+ Gbps providing secure ‘fibre-like’ wireless services for indoor and outdoor environments changing the future of wireless connectivity. 


The X4000 Private 5G solution uses the X4000 5G Fast Air Spectrum-as-a-Service product using mid-band and/or high-band mmWave spectrum which is available across all Australian major infrastructure including airports, ports, data centres, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, universities, mining, energy, water and agriculture facilities.


X4000 specialise in 5G public and private mobile networks focused on enterprise, industry 4.0, and public safety communications for mission-critical communication such as MCPTT and MCX services. 


X4000 supports the Australian Federal and State Government digital economy strategy to enable digital innovation and continues to lead in 5G and 5G Advanced technology for the next generation of 5G AI intelligent applications which will drive the digital economy.  


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