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X4000 mmWave Mesh Network

What is the X4000 mmWave Mesh Network?

This is a high bandwidth, fibre-like network utilising wireless radio waves in the milimeter-wave spectrum to transmit high speed data. The mesh network consists of nodes that are interconnected allowing for multi-hop communication and creating a self-healing, reliable and resilient network. The mesh network utilises secure dedicated spectrum for fixed wireless access and mobile connectivity which supports 5G and Wi-Fi technology.


* X4000 mmWave mesh concept design overlay across Brisbane City. 

Key benefits of mmWave Mesh Networks

The key benefits of the X4000 mmWave mesh network is the ability to provide high-capacity, high-speed wireless connectivity designed for smart city, campus, remote sites and tactical communication solutions. The use of millimeter-wave frequencies allows for significantly increased data transfer rates, making mmWave mesh networks ideal for delivering high-bandwidth services and applications in all environments.

Additionally, mmWave mesh networks can offer improved network coverage and capacity, especially in areas where traditional wireless technologies may face congestion or signal interference. The deployment of mesh nodes enables the creation of a flexible, reliable, resilent and scalable network infrastructure capable of expanding coverage and adapting to customer demands.

Furthermore, mmWave technology's ability to support multi-gigabit data rates enhances the potential for delivering ultra-fast data access to support high-bandwidth-intensive services.

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